About Us

Carolina eBid LLC an internet auction company located in Sumter, South Carolina. Carolina eBid LLC places Sumter, SC, in the arena of competition with other online auction by launching this new internet auction technology. Carolina eBid LLC is distinguishable from its competitor's online auction because it provides the user with a user friendly platform to buy or sell items for cash with very inexpensive posting fees. www.carolinaebid.com stands alone from the competition because they offer a free repost option for all users. You can select to have your item automatically repost if it does not sell. This feature is offered free of charge. We also offer a featured picture gallery on the home page which gives potential buyers the opportunity to see your item(s) that you have posted without actually searching through the site. Also on the home page you will find a featured auction section that the user can select to place his/her item with a flashing icon to draw attention to their item.

Carolina eBid LLC is a company that was formed to introduce a product to the end user that is economically satisfying, easy to use, and is an alternative to what they are use to.